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How to be a good guide如何做個好導游

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How to be a good guide

How to be a good guide如何做個好導游
The guide is the representative of a travel service and is often the only one that tour members will meet. In my view, the way to be a qualified guide is the professional knowledge. If you didn't master it, how to be "a good guide", even to be "a guide". So I think a guide must have professional knowledge.

In the work of tourism, knowledge is vitally important. In order to satisfy customers, you need to communicate, organize and arrange them, it is not easy, so you must have professional knowledge, if not, you can't deal with such things. As we know, knowledge is a base of everything, you should understand the laws of developments of the things before handling them.

Tell you what, the work as a guide including many steps. Firstly, you would get the reception program from the travel agency. The program usually contains the code of the tourist group, the names of the tour members, the time of arrival and departure, the types of transportation, and sightseeing schedule, and so on. Secondly, you should telephone the airport, railway station or harbor again to reconfirm the time of arrival two hours before ETA, and then in form the coach driver. Thirdly, you should get to the meeting place ahead of time and get things ready. You should telephone the coach driver to make sure that the coach will not be late. Lastly, you should remind them to take their valuables before getting off the coach the coach or leaving or leaving a place.

So don't you think to be a good guide is easy? Maybe you would say "no". Well, if you want to be a guide, a good guide, now, you should learn more professional knowledge of tourism.

Tourism is a comprehensive economic undertaking and it plays a very important role in a country's economic construction; and it is at the same time a part of foreign relations work, as it offers an effective means for people-to-people diplomacy. Failure or success of tourism industry, therefore, bears on a country's image abroad in terms of its political reputation and of the opportunity of earning foreign exchange for a country's economic construction.

Tourism in China started from scratch, although China surpasses those countries where tourism is well developed in terms of resources of tourism. China's huge amount of cultural relics, its scenery known far and wide for its quiet beauty, the splendor of its ancients art and culture, its traditional multi-national arts and crafts and food prepared on various local recipes-all these have attracted foreign visitors for a long time. However, as tourism is China has just developed, there aren't sufficient transportation and other facilities. In addition, we still have a lot of problems to be solved in the management of tourism, in the quality of service and in the quality and English level of Guide-interpreters. With all these problems gradually settled, China's tourism will surely advance to a high stage of development along the pattern uniquely Chinese.

In fact, Guide-interpreters are in direct service of foreign visitors and their quality and service play a decisive role in the development of tourism industry in China. Their speech and behavior
directly influence foreign visitor's mood in traveling. In a sense, the function of a four Guide is similar to that of a diplomat of the people. His or her duty is to try his or her utmost to make foreign visitors enjoy their trip in China and at the same time let them understand China's history, geography, people's customs and its cultural tradition better through their interpreting and efforts. Therefore, a tour Guide's service is the key link of tourism industry.

The Guide should be the spirit of mountains and rivers, envoy of friendship, disseminator of culture and civilization of the motherland and publicity agent of the new idea and morale of socialism. If a tour Guide's service is satisfactory, foreign visitors would have a good impression of China and the Travel Agency, so that they would plan their second trip to China for other sights and furthermore, they would urge others to come along to see China with their own eyes. A travel Agency would, of course, employ ad many such competent and qualified interpreters as possible so ad to make their business thrive with each passing day.

A tour Guide should be able to act as an attendant, publicity agent, investigator and defender while accompanying foreign visitors. So, he or she has to have a perfect mastery of our Party's policies and political ideology, foreign language and knowledge. He or she must be honest and upright, free from corruption, prudent and careful in his or her work, diligent and assiduous in his or her working style. To be more specific, a Guide must keep in mind the following fifteen Ps, three extras, four orientations, five diligences and six important characteristics before he or she can be really called a qualified Guide-interpreter.

How to be a good guide如何做個好導游


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